Hi there, I'm Rui. I live in sunny Austin, TX where I can host outside dinner parties all year long. I love incorporating seasonal and fresh ingredients in my food and cooking with my partner in crime, Anthony. I'm also a hobbyist photographer, artist, mixologist, and an advocate for sustainable living. My passion is to support local artists and musicians. You can usually find me wearing handmade linen dresses reading a book, and romanticizing about the simple beauties in life.

I'm hoping to use this space as a way to share our recipe creations in addition to ones I've found that I truly enjoyed. You might also see my two pups Jack and Vader here as well. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a photographer for hire?

I am not. I've done a couple shoots for clients and decided that it wasn't for me. I got into photography as a way to destress and explore my creative side, and I've found that formal shoots did the opposite. 


What camera and lens do you use?

I currently use a Canon 5D Mark III body and a Sigma 50mm 1.4 art lens. I take all of my photos with these two. Thinking about getting a 24mm and an 85mm next :)


I'm a fellow blogger. Would you be willing to collaborate on styled shoots or events?

Depends on if the shoot or event fits my aesthetic/brand. Email me at rui.nakata@gmail.com and let's talk!


Do you teach photography lessons?

If you own a DSLR and want to start learning how to use it to produce images like mine, let's chat. Send me an email at rui.nakata@gmail.com.