Hi friend, I'm Rui and thanks for stopping by.

Being a Japanese girl transplanted to Sonoma County, I grew up chasing turkeys down our street in sunny Santa Rosa. It became a routine for my brother and I to play hide and seek at the many wineries nearby, and we took yearly trips to Yosemite where I would steal my dad’s film camera to capture photos of my family. Things were slow and picturesque, and I attribute my love of olive trees and rolling hills to the six years I spent under the California sky.

For my middle school years, my family and I moved to the bustling madness that is Tokyo. A complete change in culture made me into a foodie at an early age, and on the weekends, my friends and I would often scour the city for fancy hotel buffets and hole in the wall yakiniku places. I was also immersed in the beautiful yet often soul wrenching story telling style that touches every medium in Japan from graphic novels to haiku, which taught me the power of story telling in art. My time in Japan was short but the concepts I picked up such as mononoaware and omotenashi still inspire my photography and hosting style to this day.

Our next big move was to the Boston area where I went to school with the most adventurous group of kids in town. We would go skiing after school and sneak off on road trips throughout the East coast on the weekends. We would strap our surfboards to my Honda civic and go hit up the beaches in New Hampshire or hike the Appalachian trail in search of waterfalls during the summer. We were dirt poor and often pulling all nighters to keep up our grades but the memories we made during this time are my most precious treasures.


Currently I live in Austin, TX with my husband and two pups, working in tech by day and living the creative life by night. An ideal Saturday night consists of experimenting with exotic ingredients in a cook off with Anthony, with a glass of wine in my hand and a pint of beer in his. My bookshelves are overflowing with books on food, wine, and design where we source inspiration for our wild projects in the kitchen. When we are not nerding over food and drink, we are often planning our next weekend getaway or cuddling our puppies.