Pavlova with Strawberry Ricotta cream



Spring is here in Texas... which means strawberry season! We went strawberry picking for the first time this year and I used the ones we picked to make a strawberry ricotta pavlova. 

There's nothing more exciting than picking the fruits and veggies I'm going to eat. It's fascinating walking through the farm and seeing how the food we eat is being grown locally near where I live. We've gotten so used to going to the grocery store and having mangos from Australia, grapes from Mexico, and bananas from Guatemala. But if you really think about it, those imported fruits are probably pretty old by the time they get to your grocery store. That's why I like buying locally as much as I can, and being able to visit the farm and see how my food is being grown is reassuring to me. 

Let's say Vader andI both enjoyed munching on these fresh and tart strawberries and the ones that were left  turned into beautiful pavlovas.