Iceland (Part 2). Our ceremony!


Marriage is an interesting thing. Everyone has their own strong views on it, but they all seem so different from one another. Growing up, I was very adamant on never getting married. I didn't want to be tied down and I believed that there was nobody out there that wouldn't bore me after three months. All of that changed when Anthony came into the picture. In the first few weeks of dating him, I knew we were meant to be. My initial memories with him are bitter sweet, as we learned to compromise and understand each other. For me, it was a roller coaster ride of being high in love and drowning in tears. For him, it was frustration towards not being able to understand my feelings. Almost three years have gone by since then, and despite the fact that my emotions are more stable, I love him even more. We're best friends, and have the time of our lives raising our two cute pups. I push him in his cooking, he pushes me in my coding. Some people tell me I shouldn't get married young, and that people aren't meant to be monogamous. I used to believe that too, but I also now believe that once you meet the right person, you'll just know. He loves me the most when I have messy hair, rocking glasses and PJs, getting behind the camera and being fully immersed in creating art. And for that, I'm grateful.

Anthony and I got married under the midnight sun in Iceland. We were at secret waterfall with only sheep and our photographer Donal as our witnesses. The place was a magical little spot that Don knew about, which is one of the reasons why I loved having him as our photographer. We read each other our vows as we passed a piece of walnut carved with what we thought were three Nordic symbols that expressed our relationship. We could feel the mist of the crisp glacial water showering us, and it was perfectly cleansing and pure. The sound of the water pounding on the rocks was so raw, it gave me goosebumps. "Mediative and fairy tale" is how I'm going to put it. We exchanged rings, a little teary eyed, kissed, and we were married.

I'm sharing our wedding ceremony pictures with you guys because what is not to love about these photos?? My friend Donal Boyd from our college days took them, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Thanks Don for a lovely adventure, and making our special night even more special than we had hoped it would be. If you want to do an elopement in Iceland, he's your guy! He'll be your tour guide, the chillest travel buddy, and the most amazing photographer. Go check him out on Instagram and his website for more of his work.