Ruidosa, Texas

The desert was calling me and so we went. A spontaneous trip out to nowhereland dangerously near the border of Mexico. We found a property 2 hours SW of Marfa, which ended up being the house of my dreams. On 200 acres of land, a small trailer home with a perfect porch sits smack dab in the middle, surrounded by the mountains of the Chihuahuan desert. With not a soul in sight for miles all around, you can really get lost in the sheer beauty of nature and your own wandering thoughts. Our puppies came with us for a long weekend getaway, and all we brought were stacks of books, oil paints, and all 4 of my cameras.

What was maybe even more beautiful than these mountains were the stars at night. West Texas is one of the darkest places on earth, and stars glow like you’ve never seen before. Most of my life, I’ve only seen stars at the top of the sky. Here, you see them looking straight ahead and all around. It’s a whole dome of twinkling lights, and many shooting stars will make an appearance if you sit outside for a few minutes. On our last day, we grilled some steaks and shishitos we brought from home and watched the storm roll in from the porch. Nature has never caught my attention like it did that one night. There was something spiritual about the lightning show and it made my breathing shallow and heart beat fast.

Ruidosa, you took my breath away.