San Miguel de Allende

The magical city of San Miguel de Allende. Colorful buildings, patina on the walls, cobblestone streets, and the rooftops are what made me fall in love with this place. The first night we got in, we walked straight to the heart of the city center where the iconic cathedral sits. Despite being late at night, Mariachi bands were playing in the square and we hopped into a traditional restaurant. Little did we know that this meal would put me on an obsessive journey to search for the best pozole I could get my hands on for the remainder of our trip.

The next day, we woke to churchbells ringing and the morning rays stream into our minimal yet intentionally designed Airbnb. Anthony enjoyed reading on our rooftop lounge while I sat in bed watching the morning light cast shadows on the adobe walls. We decided not to create an itinerary but to wander around the narrow alleyways and get lost in the lively streets. In every corner, we would find independent art galleries and cozy cafes. We shared a nice ceviche and pozole at a rooftop restaurant, stared in awe at the architecture of a historic house, and quenched our thirst at a punk-ish coffee shop with vibrant blue walls and anti-Trump merchandise. We mainly lounged around and took our surroundings in. Everything seemed to move slower here in San Miguel and so did my usually racing mind.

Our last night in SMA was highlighted by a reunion with our old friends from Austin, Tim and Martha. After a trip to Morocco, they packed up their bags and moved here in hopes of a slower pace of life. After hearing about their two years living in Mexico, we immediately started fantasizing about following in their footsteps. The thing is, everyone seems more alive here. You can hear music playing along with party people whisling all day and all night. During one of our walks, we got caught in the middle of a traditional Mexican wedding parade, the type of celebration that does not discriminate and allows strangers to participate with open arms. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and as a person who generally dislikes the idea of the stereotypical American wedding, I finally understood the energy of what a true wedding should feel like. Maybe one day Anthony and I can get remote jobs and embark on an adventure living in Mexico. A girl can dream :)

houses of san miguel
door with cactus
rooftop views
San Miguel wedding