Spring dinner


Spring is here! The air smells of maraschino liqueur and my lemon tree is loving the sun. Simple routines like checking on its flower buds gives me so much joy, and I'm savoring every moment of this short lived comfortable weather because summer is near, here in Texas. With my launch of my new site Libation, I've slipped into hectic work mode and I realized I desperately needed to sit back and breathe. And what better way to relax than to invite some friends over for an all vegetarian dinner to nourish our souls? 

I wanted to catch up with my talented creative friends so I invited Lindsey and Dimitar from Era Ceramics and Jo from Hi, I'm Jo  and her new husband Taner. And since Lindsey is a ceramicist and I, a collector of her work, we set the table with all of her hand-thrown plates. We made my own version of caesar salad with fresh anchovies and greens from our garden (a vegetarian option was there for Jo of course), our popular shiso miso mushroom tacos, fresh pasta with arrabiata sauce, tomatoes cooked three ways on buttermilk sourdough bread, truffle pate, and my plum frangipane tart. Lindsey and Dimitar brought a couscous dish made with cauliflower instead of couscous (so good!), and Jo and Taner brought pasta salad. For drinks, we had mojitos with Chareau and lots of wine.