Blood Orange Amaretto Sour


Remember when I made amaretto ice cream? I bought an entire bottle of it and had no idea what to do with the rest, and one night Anthony made me an amaretto sour. To be honest, I don't like the taste of alcohol so I prefer the cocktails that taste like juice, herbs, and spices or a glass of complex red wine with hints of chocolate. But this cocktail that he made is going to be my new favorite at home drink while blood oranges are in season. Sharing this with you because it's really not fair for me to keep the recipe to myself!


Blood Orange Amaretto Sour

1 shot of bourbon

2 shots of amaretto

juice from half of a lemon

juice from half of a blood orange

drizzle of agave nectar

slice of blood orange for garnish

luxardo cherry



This recipe is super simple. Stir together the bourbon, amaretto, both juices, and agave nectar until all of the agave nectar dissolves. Add in the ice and stir some more. Finish with a luxardo cherry and a slice of blood orange for garnish.


Honey Whiskey Sour


This whiskey sour has honeyed meyer lemons in it that you can eat, rinds and all. Definitely use an organic meyer lemon and the best local honey you can find for this drink. Meyer lemons are a cross between an orange and a lemon, making them sweeter. I like to keep these honeyed meyer lemons around to just nibble on or put in my tea. Just remember to eat them within 4 days if you want them to stay fresh!


Honeyed Meyer Lemons

3 organic meyer lemons

local honey


Wash the lemons well with warm water and slice them thin. In a narrow jar, put down a layer of honey, cover with honey, and repeat. Let sit overnight for the juices to come out.


Honey Whiskey Sour

1 oz whiskey

0.5 oz pear liquor or triple sec

1 oz lemon honey juice


2.5 oz sparkling water

basil for garnish (optional)


Combine the whiskey, pear liquor, lemon honey juice, and ice in a shaker and shake. Strain into a glass, top with the sparkling water, basil, and a slice of honeyed lemon. If you want to substitute the whiskey with some gin, definitely include the basil!