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San Miguel de Allende

The magical city of San Miguel de Allende. Colorful buildings, patina on the walls, cobblestone streets, and the rooftops are what made me fall in love with this place. The first night we got in, we walked straight to the heart of the city center where the iconic cathedral sits. Despite being late at night, Mariachi bands were playing in the square and we hopped into a traditional restaurant. Little did we know that this meal would put me on an obsessive journey to search for the best pozole I could get my hands on for the remainder of our trip.

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Ruidosa, Texas

The desert was calling me and so we went. A spontaneous trip out to nowhereland dangerously near the border of Mexico. We found a property 2 hours SW of Marfa, which ended up being the house of my dreams. On 200 acres of land, a small trailer home with a perfect porch sits smack dab in the middle, surrounded by the mountains of the Chihuahuan desert. With not a soul in sight for miles all around, you can really get lost in the sheer beauty of nature and your own wandering thoughts. Our puppies came with us for a long weekend getaway, and all we brought were stacks of books, oil paints, and all 4 of my cameras.

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